Do Tour Agents Get Free Trips? Part two.

Booking Groups Could Get You a Pass There are motivations for booking groups.

Naturally this all depends upon the sellers group policy, quantity required and who is allotted as group leader. This is the only possible way ( outside of a typical guest programme ) that a non-travel agent could get benefits extended to them. So if you would like to get some benefits out of your trip. But are you actually being sized up and ripped off each time you walk into an agency or book a vacation? The answer's yes, you'll be sized up and yes, given half of the chance many agents will overcharge, some by as much as they can get away with. There are 2 aspects to the way agents work in Australia that impact on the service you are given. 2nd is the pushing of certain agency preferred products like tours ( with high commission levels ) onto the consumer without divulging this disagreement of interest.

No real newsflash here : agents are paid on commission. But folk may not realize that base pay rates are so low, agents need each greenback they can squeeze out of you. The pay structure usually works in this way : * The agent is paid a base amount, which is a paltry sum at the best. The base amount is reasonably consistent among the major agencies, and will go up a little the longer the agent stays in the job. * Additional earnings is based upon commission paid against the cash agents bring in. Various levels of money are made of each product they sell, from little ( say a hotel transfer ) to up to fifty percent income for travel insurance. These sorts of awards are offered as contents too. Ive seen some actually exotic locations, life a totally cost paid trip to Costa Rica ( wow. ) offered to contend winners in my agency, which makes it actually worth trying hard to get your sales Travel Benefits can be Good Agents can occasionally milk extended courtesies or benefits, which is an additional benefit of being in the travel industry. We call them courtesies because no seller is obliged to increase advantages simply because a travel pro identifies themselves as such.

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