Trip Agents – Are You Being Ripped Off?

In a prior article, I talked about four ways that trip advisors do come out of their pocket to pay for their trips. If an agent books so many rooms ( hotel ) or cabins ( on a cruise ), they cold get a free room or cabin or cash ( not counting the commission ) that they could use towards their room or cabin. With the excellent resources available on the net most visitors won't walk into an agency till they feel they have got a good handle on their destination and current costs. Yet regardless of how savvy you are its still worth understanding how agents work before deciding to use one. 2nd is the pushing of specific agency preferred products like tours ( with high commission levels ) onto the client without divulging this disagreement of interest. No real newsflash here : agents are paid on commission. The base amount is reasonably consistent among the major agencies, and will go up a touch the longer the agent stays in the job. * Additional revenue is reliant on commission paid against the money agents bring in. If a choice for a room upgrade or auto rental upgrade is available, agents will ask first if naturally, and its up to the seller to increase free services, comforts or advantages to agents up display of valid testimonials.
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